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Kinder Cultured Ltd
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Making Good

Making Space

Making by Design

For working places and living environments that grow better all the time.

Help with getting Planning Permission, Design solutions for interiors and buildings, Garden and household maintenance, PA/Secretarial support for business, Problem-solving, Short courses and presentations, Making useful things.

Telephone: 01273 875079


Service Delivery

Some Frequently asked questions:

What exactly do you do?

Why offer so many different services?

We usually need help when the things entrusted to our care become unmanageable. Once we realise that we need help we must try to address that problem, by wisely articulating what we would like to be helped with, and identifying what help we can obtain.  If we can find a perfect fit, the problem is solved. If we cannot, we need to re-think our perceived needs, our expectations of help, and how whatever help is available can be employed to resolve our difficulties and improve our situation.  To remain happy with our choice we may then wish to keep an ongoing helpful service for as long as possible, or the problem may be solved in a way that enables us to manage afterwards without help.  We might even develop a taste for making improvements that are not strictly necessary, but which (after receiving a little more help) make us much more happy and well.

Some service providers offer very specific and restricted services that they can guarantee with much certainty.  These are the people who might have the ‘perfect fit’ solution to a widespread, prevailing problem.  Kinder Cultured Ltd, by virtue of the education and personal development of its staff, is better equipped to tackle the less well defined cases where the articulated need and the help readily available do not match. From reconsidering the perceived need and seeking better ideas for the client to articulate, to taking actions that result in things being manageable again, Kinder Cultured Ltd investigates the problem and its solution.  A wide-ranging knowledge, experience and skills base assists with this.  When the client can clearly see how they can really be helped, Kinder Cultured Ltd can also find better ways to give that help.  

Kinder Cultured Ltd is an adaptable micro-company with a social enterprise purpose. Interested in life-long learning and the professional development of its staff, there is much good will, knowledge and skill available to offer in service to its clientele. From straightforward consultation and simple surveys to more complex methods of analysis and research, we aim to help you manage wisely the things entrusted to your care. From practical tasks to complex planning scenarios and rigorous designs, we can also carry out work that needs to be done or refer you to a suitably qualified professional.

What types of problems are there to solve?

The way we show respect for ineffable truths such as love, one’s sense of being, origination and destiny. The way we look after ourselves.

The way we relate to other people, creatures and things, such as with kindness and the quality of our culture. The way we organise the things we share.

The way we apply measured knowledge in our stewardship of our households and environmental realities. The way we see, understand and make use of the fabric and qualities of the places where we live and work and have our being.

Spiritual Social Economic Types of substance Types of usefulness Types of inspiration

There are three broad categories that make it easier for us to understand the types of problems we can face.

The work of Kinder Cultured Ltd mainly falls within the central “Social” category, but the “Spiritual” and “Economic” problems are not really separate, for they are all integral to each other.  The Spirituall and Economic types of problem need to be understood to some extent and also taken into account when considering the “Social”, especially where they may be a contributing cause to any “Social” type problem that we are asked to help resolve.

Put very simply, Architecture and Town Planning have developed as professions with extremely particular skills, in response to buildings and land not being useful enough for the purposes that Society needs them for. Such extreme professional measures are a costly, ultimate solution to be approached after much deliberation (with careful research and design briefing).  Knowledge of these areas may also provide a good starting point for suggesting congenial, ordinary, small improvements that a client can easily make to their premises.

Land Use Planning, Architectural Design and Gardening can help us to organise the way we relate to other people, creatures and things.