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Kinder Cultured Ltd
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For working places and living environments that grow better all the time.

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Provision of Goods

If you ask us to solve a problem by sourcing, providing, installing new products for you on your premises, we may either pass on to you the cost that we pay with a pre-agreed administration charge made for our services added on, or we may sell goods to you with a margin included in the price, in the same way a retailer or distributor does.  We will first seek to ensure that you are confident and knowledgeable about the goods you wish to buy, satisfied with the price you are being charged, and we will provide you with a contract to sign in advance of goods being purchased on your behalf, in accordance with the recommendations and requirements of UK Trading Standards.  We may ask you to pay for the goods before they are delivered to you because we might not be obtaining them from regular suppliers with whom we have credit arrangements.  If we put you in touch with a trades-person to install goods we may ask you to contract them directly if you wish, instead of subcontracting through Kinder Cultured Ltd.  We are not a provider of financial or employment services.  

Frequently asked questions:

What sorts of things do you sell?

There is a distinction to be made between “trading” and “selling”.  If Kinder Cultured Ltd buys something that a client has requested, which is then transacted to the client, “trade” is occurring. In such cases it may not be necessary to “sell” anything.  To “sell” goods is to convincingly explain to people that they would be in a better position if they parted with some money and owned the goods instead.  At Kinder Cultured Ltd we do like to “sell” goods, provided that what we convince people of is actually true.  This involves understanding our customers and being sure about the usefulness and value of our goods to them.  Sometimes we do much explaining and little trading, in which case our work is more like sharing a passion and educating about things we really like.  This is something we are pleased to do too.  Nonetheless, selling is part of our cultural mix and we wish to continue selling, and in ways that are more kind and not less so.  So, we like to sell things that are a kindness to our customers and do them much good to buy.  If we have difficulty finding such goods to meet our customers’ needs and desires, we like to design and make the goods to sell (although as a micro-company we are restricted to quite small and inexpensive items).

What has selling to do with being “More Kind”?

What has selling to do with being “Cultured”?

There are only really three different ways of acquiring the things that we need, or would like.  We can make them out of things that we own, or be given them, or we can buy them.  When we cannot make something, and no-one will give it, the only valid way is for someone else to sell it to us.  All of the things we need (from basic food and utilities to land, a roof over our heads and the clothes, furnishings and useful things that educate and fashion us) are sold to us.  We sell things that benefit others in return for money through which we can in turn buy the things that benefit us. Without making sales, there would be no culture.  The art of “selling” is a cultural skill and the mechanics of selling is a cultural medium.  Selling can be a marvellous, cultural activity in its own right, taking many different forms.  

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