Kinder Cultured Ltd

Company Registered in England and Wales, Number:  07323857.  Registered Office: Garden Office, ‘Lovage’, Lewes Road, Ringmer, East Sussex, BN8 5ES.

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For working places and living environments

That grow better all the time…

Making Good

Making Space

Making by Design




We like to let you scrutinize your expectations in the daylight, to replace foreseeable problems with kinder solutions, let you sleep on your ideas before rushing into decisions, and look forward to sunshine in the days ahead.

We can specify, source and provide goods that our clients have difficulty obtaining without our help.  From buildings to radiators and smaller appliances, we can make hard purchases and installations possible.

We design, and make, things that we think can improve our culture and make our world a kinder place to live.

We can help our clients (and suppliers) to develop and market their product ranges.